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About Us

Our motto is "It's all about the Dog, It's all about Dog Lovers, and It's about the Dog Owner!" There is something precious and special about dogs that cause nearly everyone in the world to gravitate to owning them as pets. They are loyal, pure-hearted, giving, special friends who understand their owners better than most people do. Every one of them has a heart of gold and deserves to be spoiled.
We want to build strong relationships between dogs and their families through fun and unique pet accessories and adult t-shirts! Give your dogs and significant other something unique to show you love them. Check out the coolest dog store and get all of your dog supplies today at Bark Bone Biscuit, where we treat every single dog as if they were our own!
Use the #BarkBoneBiscuit hashtag on Instagram and Facebook! We invite you into the Bark Bone Biscuit community to share a very important connection that we have with our families and to share our experiences together!